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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Conley, Nicy  1824Indiana I614
2 Kinna, Charles H  26 Jun 1867Indiana I563
3 Kinna, Clayton T  Nov 1868Indiana I0531
4 McWilliams, Heby E  1858Indiana I626
5 McWilliams, James Anley  Feb 1833Indiana I620
6 McWilliams, James Monroe  6 Jul 1854Indiana I611
7 McWilliams, John  1854Indiana I627
8 McWilliams, Lodon  1898Indiana I634
9 McWilliams, Myrtle  1894Indiana I632
10 McWilliams, Ola  1902Indiana I635
11 McWilliams, Rufas  10 Nov 1895Indiana I633
12 McWilliams, Ruth  1863Indiana I622
13 McWilliams, Ruth  7 Nov 1890Indiana I631
14 McWilliams, Sarah O  1865Indiana I623
15 Tillery, Alfred  1862Indiana I617
16 Tillery, Angeline  1857Indiana I612
17 Tillery, Charles  1824Indiana I613
18 Tillery, John  1879Indiana I619
19 Tillery, Lucinda  1855Indiana I616
20 Tillery, Mary J  1865Indiana I618
21 Tillery, Susan  1852Indiana I615