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1910 Census
Name Laura E Chamberlain
Sex Female
Age 17
Event Place Faribault Ward 4, Rice, Minnesota
Birth Year (Estimated) 1893
Birthplace Minnesota
Marital Status Single
Race White
Relationship to Head of Household Servant
Father's Birthplace Minnesota
Mother's Birthplace Minnesota

1920 Census
Name Laura Galarneau
Sex Female
Age 27
Event Date 1920
Event Place Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota
Birth Year (Estimated) 1893
Birthplace Minnesota
Marital Status Married
Race White
Relationship to Head of Household Wife
Father's Birthplace New York
Mother's Birthplace Minnesota

1940 Census
Name Laura Galarnean
Sex Female
Age 45
Event Date 1940
Event Place Litchfield, Meeker, Minnesota
Marital Status Married
Race White
Relationship to Head of Household Housekeeper
Last Place of Residence Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota
Birth Year (Estimated) 1895
Birthplace Minnesota

California, U.S., Voter Registrations, 1900-1968
Name - Laura E Galarneau
Residence - 1946 Los Angeles, California, USA

Seems living with son Richard in LA
Chamberlain, Laura (I383)
In 1880 Fahlun, Ida was 18 yrs at home, Axel 10 yrs or 14 when school opened 1884 with Ida at 22 and school director Frank Fornell.

In 1885 Ida not listed in census with family. But in Mpls married to Frank Fornell and 1 yr old Rutherford and 4 yr old Alice. Means married around 1881.

In 1900 Ida w/o Frank in Wilmar with Effie, Mable, Bertha, Ruth, Rosie.

In 1905 Ida with Bertha and Ruth back in Fahlun

DISTRICT 79 (804)
On July 23, 1883 District 79 was established and covered the following territory: Sections 6, 7 and 18, W½ of Sections 5
and 8, Lake Elizabeth; and Sections 12 and 13, and E½ of Sections 1, 11, and 14 of Fahlun. The district was organized at
a meeting on Sept 1, 1883, and the following elected as officers: C. P. Quist, clerk; Frank Fornell, director; and G. J.
Boom, treasurer.

The site chosen for the schoolhouse was the SW corner of NW¼ of NW¼, Section 7, Lake Elizabeth. The 18x24x10
foot schoolhouse was built and the first term of school began on April 8, 1884, with Melvina Peterson as the teacher.

An 16x20 addition was built in 1894 at a cost of $225. Further improvements were made in
1898 at a cost of $250.

Enrollment in 1884 included Edith Quist, Hurby Quist, Earnest Quist, Kate Olson, Hannah
Olson, Christina Olson, Charles Peterson, Annie Peterson, Frank Eastlund, Christina
Engstrom, Henry Forsberg, Hilda Sjarstrom, Manda Sjarstrom, Betsy Norine, Axel Lindholm,
Sarah Engstrom, Augusta Sjarstrom, Willie Carlson, Erick Eastlund, Emma Olson,
Willie Peterson.

Teachers during the years 1905 to 1963 included Edith E. Quist, Edna M. Cassidy, Lucile A. Cashman, Mary A. Lipsit,
Ellen S. Skutle, Mabel E. Johnson, Julia M. Johnson, Victoria Peterson, Josephine W. Peterson, Emma Carlson Myrtle
Johnson, Mabel Johnson, Ruby Melin, Ruth Harrison, Edna Shosten, Ethel Newman, Esther Pederson, Clara Hallbom,
Anna C. Lindquist, Regina Donnay, Myrtle Kleberg, Hilda Hoekstra, Dorothy Gabriel, Bernice Flygare, Kenneth Elling,
Iona Nelson, Eleanore Norine, Mrs. Lowell Ekbom, Mrs. Wilbur Peters, Ruth Steinhilber, Leone Brown, Lorraine Linden,
Mrs. Lillian Danielson, Philles Whitcomb, Mrs. John Phillips, Mrs. Chester Nelson, Marcella Verhey, Mrs. Phyllis Madsen,
Anita Sauck, Mrs. Glenn Lemmonds, Mrs. Carol Lehnhoff.

This schoolhouse was located in Section 7 in the corner where 120th St SE meets 75th Ave SE. This district consolidated
with the Atwater School in 1962/63, after 80 years of existence. The building was purchased and torn down. The swings
went to Atwater.

Fornell, Frank A. (I0070)
3 1880 census - 3 mo old living Washington, Le Sueur, Minnesota born 1880 parents Daniel Caroll,​ Mary Caroll both born ireland Carroll, Agnes (I0082)
4 1880 census shows born 1876 indiana. living hall, dubois, indiana 4 yrs McWilliams, John (I0017)
5 1880 census shows john 48 yrs farmer born 1832 sweden wife sophia, children bertha, charles, axel, alfred, frank Linderholm, Johan (I0077)
6 1880 census shows lving Fahlun, Kandiyohi, MN 18 yrs single at home born 1862 parents john & sophia siblings alfred 20, charles 16 ,frank 14, axel 10 Linderholm, Ida Marie (I0071)
7 1885 Census - Ever Griven living in Decoria. 66 yrs old and 10 years in country. Laborer, widowed. Graven, Iver (I0090)
8 1885 census living Washington LeSuer 48 yrs b 1837 - Daniel Carroll 50y Ireland
Daniel Carroll M 20y Minnesota
Maggie Carroll F 22y Minnesota
Annie Carroll F 24y Minnesota
Lizzie Carroll F 18y Minnesota
Joseph Carroll M 17y Minnesota
John Carroll M 17y Minnesota
Josephine Carroll F 13y Minnesota
Patrick Carroll M 13y Minnesota
Agnes Carroll F 8y Minnesota
Thos Carroll M 5y Minnesota
Sarah Carroll F 1y Minnesota 
Tracy, Mary (I0092)
9 1885 census shows Ida 24 yrs - Rutherford 1 yr - Alice 4 yr living Mpls Fornell, Frank A. (I0070)
10 1885 census shows living Washington, Le Sueur, Minnesota 8 yrs old Carroll, Agnes (I0082)
11 1891 canada census shows 1 yr living with john, mary, john 3 yr, joseph 2 yr name looks like ovila Galarneau, Oliver (Avila) (I0089)
12 1895 Census - Frederick Griven 12 years old. Servant living in Decoria. Father also there. Graven, Frank (I0079)
13 1895 census Frank 45 yrs - Ida 35 yrs - Alice 14 yrs - Rudolf 12 yrs - Rosa 7 yrs - Effie 5 yrs - Mable 3 yrs - Ruth 1 yr living Mpls - Frank states in Us 25 yrs & 9 yrs in same district Fornell, Frank A. (I0070)
14 1895 census shows her in willmar villaqe at age 28 birth 1867 Linderholm, Ida Marie (I0071)
15 1895 mn census - age 15 yr living Mankato city, Ward 01, Blue Earth, Minnesota Carroll, Agnes (I0082)
16 1899 will probate Dodge, MN Blanch, Henry (I0534)
17 1900 census - born may 1895 canada mother mary father john b living mpls Galarneau, Hector D. (Joseph Hector) (I0006)
18 1900 census - mpls born may 1871 Dunlevy, Mary (I0056)
19 1900 census - mpls parents john b & mary born dec 1897 Galarneau, Richard Anthony (I0048)
20 1900 census - mpls parents john b & mary born may 1888 Galarneau, John James (I0055)
21 1900 census - mpls parents john b & mary born may 1890 Galarneau, Joseph (Joseph Alexandre) (I0087)
22 1900 census - mpls parents john b & mary born may 1890 Galarneau, Oliver (Avila) (I0089)
23 1900 census - mpls parents john b & mary born oct 1891 Galarneau, Albert (Joseph Albert) (I0088)
24 1900 census - mpls wife mary born may 1867 occupation car repairer. Worked at Soo Line Shop. Galarneau, John (I0053)
25 1900 census at Mankato city, Blue Earth, Minnesota birth oct 1883 parents born ireland Carroll, Agnes (I0082)
26 1900 census Frank gone Fornell, Frank A. (I0070)
27 1900 census has 1868 immigration Linderholm, Johan (I0077)
28 1900 census in Mankato - 61yrs born Oct 1839- immigrated 1848 - married 42 yrs - 16 children 12 living - living with Daniel 66 yrs, John 33 yrs, Emma 17 yrs, Charley 12 yrs Tracy, Mary (I0092)
29 1900 census julia smith born jun 1871married charley smith 1899 Decoria Township, Blue Earth, Minnesota parents born norway immigated 1887 Graven, Julie (I0073)
30 1900 census living Wilmar Village, Kandiyohi, MN only states parent Ida Fornell as head of household Fornell, Bertha Sophia (I0007)
31 1900 census named John B Galarneau, John (I0053)
32 1900 census shows john born nov 1832 67 yrs living fahlun township, kandiyoshi, mn 43 yrs married 1857 wife johanna s.born feb 1837 63yrs immigrated 1868 charley jul 1864 and amanda oct 1871immigrated 1891 all born sweden had 5 kids 4 living Linderholm, Johan (I0077)
33 1900 census shows Mankato city, Blue Earth, Minnesota wife Mary both born ireland married 1858 immigrated 1855 born aug 1834 children John, Emma Carroll, Daniel (I0083)
34 1900 census shows married 1857 emmigrated 1868 mother for 5 yrs Johansdotter, Anna Sofia (I0078)
35 1900 census shows widowed effie, rosie, mable, ruth, bertha in willmar village immigrated 1875 from sweden Linderholm, Ida Marie (I0071)
36 1900 census St. Paul married agnes legal age 31 daughter florence 9 yrs  Carroll, Daniel (I0097)
37 1905 Census living with Charley & Ester at Erskine, Polk, Minnesota age 31 born Norway Graven, Julie (I0073)
38 1905 census shows a frank graven born 1880 minnesota parents norway at Mankato, Ward Number: 02, Blue Earth, Minnesota live mn 25 yr 2 mo & 1 yr 3 mo mankato. occupation laborer Graven, Frank (I0079)
39 1910 Census

Living at 20 yrs in Minneapolis with wife Dagmar 19 yrs with wifes parents Albert and Hinnet Pederson of Norway. 
Galarneau, Oliver (Avila) (I0089)
40 1910 Census

Living at 35 yrs old with mother-in-law Katherine Doig 63 yrs and wife 33 yrs old born MN mother German, father English. With children Frederick 7 and Margreth 6. Also sister-in-law Katherine age 37. 
Blanch, Frederick William (I0528)
41 1910 census 35 yrs married charley a and child esther living Erskine, Polk, Minnesota born norway immigated 1884 Graven, Julie (I0073)
42 1910 census daniel e carroll st paul living with agnes 39 yrs - florence 19 yrs - earl d 8 yrs Carroll, Daniel (I0097)
43 1910 census shows living in Mankato Ward 4, Blue Earth, Minnesota born 1885 Graven, Frank (I0079)
44 1920 Census

Living at 27 yrs old in Minneapolis with wife Ann 26 yrs old 
Galarneau, Joseph (Joseph Alexandre) (I0087)
45 1920 census living hennepin county born 1873 norway husband charles a child esther m 18 Graven, Julie (I0073)
46 1920 Census living in Minneapolis 27 yrs old with wife Laura 27 years old. Daughters Ruth 4 yrs and Edith 3 yrs and son Richard 2 yrs. Working as teamster for creamery. Galarneau, Albert (Joseph Albert) (I0088)
47 1920 Census living in Minneapolis 27 yrs old with wife Laura 27 years old. Daughters Ruth 4 yrs and Edith 3 yrs and son Richard 2 yrs. Working as teamster for creamery. Galarneau, Albert (Joseph Albert) (I0088)
48 1920 census shows charlotte wife with lillian and alma children in ramsey, mn born Norway Graven, Frank (I0079)
49 1920 census shows child of charotte graven along with lillian at ramsey county spouse frank graven est birth 1913 Graven, Alma Charlotte (I0016)
50 1920 census shows children lillian and alma husband frank graven in ramsey, mn 31 yrs born 1889 in minnesota Carroll, Charlotte Frances (I0019)

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